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World vision wash opening the delivery app to choose food, many consumers are accustomed to turning on the setting of “Disposable tableware and straws”. This seemingly convenient move has invisibly accumulated a lot of garbage, enjoying the food and filling the stomach. But it hurts the earth’s environment. For environmental protection and plastic reduction, keeps thinking about how to create an environment-friendly delivery chain, and also announces the launch of “Waste-free life. “Environmental “‘s plan aims to reduce waste by 15 million kilograms in fiscal 2021. In order to realize the new goal of a waste-free life, cooperates with the non-profit

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environmental protection organization “Re-think” to start a dialogue that breaks through the stratosphere, and contributes substantial environmental protection actions. So that environmental protection can truly be implemented in life. Contradictory showdown? When food delivery platform meets environmental “Re-think” in 2013, saw that gruber from the united states was cleaning the beach in. Which made him feel ashamed. He lamented that natural environment was Morocco Phone Number persecuted by garbage pollution, but he also began to put it into practice, calling for a beach cleaning action around the island. , and founded “Re-think rethinking” with like-minded partners. By educating, designing and organizing beach cleanup activities, re-think has become an environmental organization specializing in dealing with garbage problem. Under a certain opportunity,

General Recycling Rules “Every Piece of Garbage

approached re-think and hoped to cooperate with the company in beach cleaning activities, which also made want to take this opportunity to carry out more in-depth cooperation. “The stratosphere of environmental issues is very thick, and environmental protection is often regarded as a violation of commercial development. Therefore, one of re-think’s tasks is to find a cohesion and intersection between environmental protection and business. And return to the fundamentals of the industry. Solve problems at the source, so that environmental protection can truly be implemented in human life.” said. As a food delivery platform that is close to the lives of consumers, can not only serve as a medium for educating the public. also an excellent testing ground for environmentalists. To break through the stratosphere and seek the greatest consensus on convenience and caring for the environment. When re-think, a new environmental protection ,,

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