Its Revenue Is Higher List of Mobile Phone Numbers

Its revenue is higher than that of 2013. It has increased List of Mobile Phone Numbers by 15 times in the past year.” cheng bin, head of traffic development of guangdiantong mobile alliance, said. Wifi master key is one of the largest traffic contributors in the guangdiantong mobile alliance, earning nearly 10 million monthly income through List of Mobile Phone Numbers. Its vice president li lei revealed that when choosing a mobile alliance, the most concerned issues are unit price and fill rate. ” guangdiantong’s accurate recommendation is still very good, because the data sources are wechat and mobile qq, and these two channels describe the user portraits more accurately. ” li lei said.

He Once Compared List of Mobile Phone Numbers

The advertisements they saw on List of Mobile Phone Numbers their products with two friends. One was a car enthusiast and recommended car advertisements; the other was just married. And the advertisements displayed by guangdiantong. Were mother and baby apps; and he i am very keen on travel, and i recommend List of Mobile Phone Numbers travel advertisements. The other two powerful tools for traffic resources are the expansion of qq space and wechat traffic resources. In tencent’s 2014 q2 financial report, it was specifically mentioned.the mobile version of qzone’s performance ads has brought. Substantial contribution to the revenue. In addition, we are trying to push text chain effect ads on selected wechat official accounts.

Powerful Attempt by List of Mobile Phone Numbers

List of Mobile Phone Numbers

Guangdiantong to expand upstream List of Mobile Phone Numbers traffic and to expand brand advertisers. Du han is the wechat contact person of guangdiantong. The official account advertisement of wechat and guangdiantong started the internal. Test in february 2014, and the public test launched until july. At the beginning of the internal List of Mobile Phone Numbers testing period of wechat, in order not to affect the user experience, we tried to only open a 14-character. Gray text chain on the official account. After the launch, the good results further stimulated the enthusiasm of advertisers. And also enhanced the confidence of guangdiantong and wechat teams. In the second half of 2014, due to the golden peak season of e-commerce double.

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