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Just the number one in classified information. In the competition Kuwait Phone Number with vertical websites, it is slowly becoming the first. We think once they were the big brother, it was hard to catch up. However, our property revenue has surpassed a well-known site that is also a house search for several months in a row. Our recruitment traffic has Kuwait Phone Number exceeded that of independent recruitment sites for several months in a row. ;our used cars, pets and other channels have already. Or are on the way to the first in their fields.” yao jinbo showed a set of data. Why? Because 58 has higher user popularity. And overall usage frequency than other vertical websites, it has become a super entrance for long-tail o2o traffic! More importantly, 58 has the advantage of ground promotion that is difficult to replicate.

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From the most basic atomic Kuwait Phone Number granularity of information. The essence of the internet is a tool for intelligent matching of information. Portals, navigation, search engines, social networking, vertical search. And o2o are all constantly matching deeper.smarter, and more integrated information. Then, after the Kuwait Phone Number information is matched to a certain extent, internet companies must work hard, dirty, and tiring to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. This is o2o, people connection service. In this sense, the huge and highly. Valuable service chain of the local life service industry. Can be completely broken, activated and reshaped. 58 is the first chinese internet company to lay out sales and service. Channels in large-scale offline (including third- and fourth-tier cities).

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The media’s reports on 58 even brought Kuwait Phone Number a few words called “dirty work. Tired work” and “hard work”. Today, all o2o start-up companies in the field of life services are no longer afraid of offline. No longer afraid of recruiting people. The number of people employed on the o2o platform has now exceeded 1 million! Now, everyone is talking Kuwait Phone Number about hard work and dirty work. Set the bar for competition. The upper body has the advantage of information flow (although it is not as vertical. As the vertical category. And the lower body has the advantage of ground promotion. Vertical o2os, you should be careful. Wind direction 4: o2o scenario spawns new online finance. With more than a year of money. When 58 was quietly engaged in finance (it is said that yao jinbo did not want to make a statement), many people laughed:.

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