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Quickly insert blocks by typing “/” to save a lot of time South Korea WhatsApp Number List The method of inserting blocks that I showed you above is useful when you’re just starting out with Gutenberg because it lets you see all the blocks available. However, once you’re familiar with which blocks you need, you can use the quick-insert feature to insert them faster. Instead of clicking the + icon, just: Press enter to create a South Korea WhatsApp Number List new block enter”/” Start typing the name of the block As you type, Gutenberg automatically suggests matching blocks. Then, just hit enter to insert the desired block.

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This is in action: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 15 1 That’s a lot faster, right? 2. Learn keyboard shortcuts for quick editing Gutenberg is equipped with keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your work. You can bring up the full list of these shortcuts by clicking. Drag and drop the image from the desktop into the Gutenberg content This is another neat trick if you need to include a lot of South Korea WhatsApp Number List images. You don’t need to manually create a new image block for each image, just drag the image directly from the folder on your desktop to a location where you can include it in your post. Then WordPress will automatically upload it to your media library and insert it there.

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Just one thing to note – make sure you see the blue line when dragging the image , otherwise it won’t work: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 16 4. Add fixed editing toolbar One of the things that some people find difficult with Gutenberg is that the editing toolbar keeps flashing in and out as you South Korea WhatsApp Number List paragraph blocks. If you don’t like that, you can turn on the unity toolbar option to get an always-present toolbar at the top of the Gutenberg interface: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 17 1 5. Use Markdown syntax for headings, lists, etc. If you like using Markdown, you’ll be able to throw some Markdown syntax into Gutenberg.

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