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This is their free A/B testing tool. While it has limitations Honduras WhatsApp Number List the best solution if you’re just starting out. After all, who can complain about the price? Regardless, setting it up on WordPress is easy. Here is a guide to help you do so. 53. Nelio A/B Testing it has started! WordPress-specific A/B testing solutions. Nelio A/B testing not only lets you test pages, it also provides a management platform Honduras WhatsApp Number List for your experiments. It works with Woo Commerce so you can do fun and in-depth ecommerce testing. They also provide you with other CRO tools such as heatmaps and behavioral analysis. 54. Thrive Title Optimizer Thrive Headline Optimizer offers a very specific type of experiment: the headline test.

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It’s hard to tell from their landing pages how they Honduras WhatsApp Number List optimize their titles (whether using simple controlled experiments or algorithms), but they seem to be well-reviewed. This might be worth a shot if you want to maximize click-through rates on your headlines (social, email, or otherwise). 55. Simple Page Tester Simple Page Tester is another split testing solution with a dedicated WordPress Honduras WhatsApp Number List plugin. It doesn’t really differentiate itself from others, but if you’re looking for a solution, give it a try. 56. Title Experiment Title Experiments is another very simple title tester. You just insert the title variation and calculate the best variation based on conversion rate or click-through rate.

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WordPress Calls to Action A call to action is an important Honduras WhatsApp Number List website component that converts traffic into subscribers, subscribers into leads, and leads into customers. This tool makes it easy to build them in WordPress. Screenshot 1 2 58. WordPress Landing Page The WordPress Landing Page Plugin provides you with a way to create a dedicated landing page on your WordPress site. It also Honduras WhatsApp Number List enables you to monitor and track conversion rates. You can run a/b or multivariate split tests slowly on the landing page. 59. Marketing Optimizer Marketing Optimizer is an “all-in-one” WordPress conversion related tool suite. It gives you: login page CTAs Test and optimize Popups and Overlays.

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