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Use the accordion tab to browse all available blocks Search Singapore WhatsApp Number List directly for the block you want Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 0 1 1 How to Create Simple Blog Posts with Gutenberg Editor In this section, you’ll learn how to perform the same types of actions that you can already do in the current WordPress editor . Basically, you will learn how to adapt your existing workflow to Gutenberg Singapore WhatsApp Number List Editor. Then, in the next section, I’ll show you how to take advantage of the new features of the Gutenberg editor. Add or format basic text content Basic paragraph text content is simple – you just click and type.

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The only immediate difference is that whenever you press Singapore WhatsApp Number List Enter to create a new line, Gutenberg will automatically create a new block for your next paragraph: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 1 1 When you click on a block, you will see a formatting toolbar appear where you can: Change alignment Add bold and italics insert link etc. Basically, this is a lot like the toolbar in the current Singapore WhatsApp Number List editor: Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 2 1 Later, I’ll show you a neat alternative to this default method. In addition to the formatting options in the toolbar, you also get options in the right sidebar that let you.

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Control text size and color Add drop caps Gutenberg Editor Singapore WhatsApp Number List Tutorial Basics 3 1 Simple enough so. Create headings (H1, H2, etc.) You have several different options for creating titles. First you can insert a new title block using Gutenberg Editor Tutorial. Basics After inserting the title block you can type to add text and use the sidebar or toolbar to control. Which title to Singapore WhatsApp Number List use eg H2 vs H3 Gutenberg Editor. Tutorial Basics Alternatively, you can also Use the Change Block. Type button to convert regular paragraph blocks to heading blocks. Use markdown to create headings Here’s a GIF to illustrate both methods.

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