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Letting content be shared. Many people Jordan Phone Number look down on buzzfeed and think. It’s nothing more than a cat and dog website, but the question is why aren’t other cat and dog websites making. Nearly a billion dollars in media? Lei jun said that the only mistake he made when doing xiaomi was that he thought xiaomi. Was a 10 billion dollar business Jordan Phone Number at first. But later realized that it was a 100 billion dollar business, and he underestimated. A zero when he started his business. This actually means that taking advantage of the trend itself is an extra zero business. In the media, this “potential” is sharing. Sharing equals 10 times productivity. This is the speech of yao jinbo. Founder and ceo of at the internal annual meeting.

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A bit sarcastic and a bit ambitious. But, what is really Jordan Phone Number important is that the whole o2o (online to offline) is indeed brewing a magnificent upheaval. If you pay attention to o2o, then you should not miss yao’s speech. You can get a glimpse of the wind direction. As a professional commentator of the annual meeting. And financial Jordan Phone Number from the media (actually responsible for commenting on the internet), today. I will simplify my understanding of the o2o upheaval. [wind direction 1: the market explodes, and giants deploy ecological procurement] in the past year. When almost all entrepreneurs and investors were asked. What to do and what to invest in, they would say that i “do local life services.

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Can correctly pronounce o2o – it seems to Jordan Phone Number a new magic spell. As one of the o2o leaders, naturally enjoys this wave of super dividends. Yao jinbo revealed an astonishing set of growth data: in 2014, the entire traffic growth of 58. Was about 80%, far exceeding the assumption at the beginning of the year. And it was the Jordan Phone Number fastest growth in the past three years; the information released on 58 for four consecutive months exceeded. One in january this year, the number of independent users was close to 300 million, but only 130 million at the time of ipo. Which means that it has more than doubled in just over a year! Why? Because the speed and depth of the transformation of the service. Industry through the mobile internet will surpass the transformation of the retail industry through the internet.

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