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Themes can add special styles to the core Gutenberg Senegal WhatsApp Number List blocks. This ensures that all Gutenberg blocks perfectly match your theme design. Full-width Alignment – Gutenberg allows you to create full-width images that span the entire screen, but only if the theme developer specifically enables it. Editor Styles – Theme developers can also add their own styles to the backend Gutenberg editing Senegal WhatsApp Number List interface . This creates more visual design approach. You can see an example here . Do you have to use the Gutenberg editor after WordPress 5.0 is released? No! While Gutenberg will be the default editor in WordPress 5.0, you don’t actually have to use it.

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If you want to keep using the current WordPress editor, there is Senegal WhatsApp Number List an official classic editor plugin that hides all traces of Gutenberg and restores the current editing experience. Alternatively, this plugin also lets you use two editors and switch between them one by one. WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial – How you will use the new editor Ok, now that you’ve completed the Gutenberg 101 crash Senegal WhatsApp Number List course, let’s experience the Gutenberg Editor for yourself. The goal of this section is to familiarize you with the Gutenberg Editor so you can start using it as soon as it’s released. First, here’s a graphic to help you understand the core elements of the Gutenberg Editor interface.

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Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 0 2 This is the body of the Senegal WhatsApp Number List editor. This is where you process your content These buttons allow you to add new blocks . You will use them if you want to add images, videos or any other block content. This is where you add your post title. These options allow you to save drafts, view previews, and finally publish your post. When you don’t have a section selected, this sidebar lets you manage your post’s overall options, such as categories and featured images. When you have a block Senegal WhatsApp Number List selected, it gives you options for that specific block. Then, when you want to add a new block, you will see this popup with a list of all available blocks.

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