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Enjoy the best local SEO services to keep you ahead of the Turkey WhatsApp Number List competition. Previous articleEdition for SEO for Dentists: How This Local Dental Clinic Featured. Google Maps Dentist Featured Local Listings What’s the big deal about being featured as a dentist in local searches? Every local business wants to be #1 on Google Maps, or #1 on a 3-pack of local Turkey WhatsApp Number List listings. That’s right, because the 3-pack is where over 80% of calls, interactions, and customers are generated. But I think there is one more prominent place to rank in Google Maps or Google Local results, and that is in the Featured Local Business section.

Area Name in the Title Steps to Higher

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It’s one thing to rank the letter A in Google Maps, in which Turkey WhatsApp Number List case you are above all your competitors. Becoming a featured local business with the most profitable and profitable keyword phrases is an entirely different matter. An A ranking in Google Maps puts you at the top of your direct competitors. Featured local listings will instantly put you in the league alone without any competitors taking their attention away from your business. So is it possible for a local business to make it to Google’s Turkey WhatsApp Number List featured local listings? I said yes, it’s definitely possible to get into the featured local business segment. But for this to happen, your local listing or Google My Business (GMB) listing must. Elevated to a level that is more authoritative than all your competitors. And not just a little more authoritative.

Ranking in Google Local Maps

In order to be featured on Google Maps as a local business, you Turkey WhatsApp Number List have to be. So authoritative that Google doesn’t think it’s even worth showing any other business. This is quite a tall order, especially in a highly competitive market in a metropolitan area. To gain this level of authority, you can focus on a few key techniques. That’s why I wrote this article. My goal is to use one of our Turkey WhatsApp Number List clients (a dental practice in Athens, Georgia) as a case study to show you how we made this dentist a featured local business for their most profitable keyword phrases. not just the keyword phrase “the dentist is.

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