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Here are a few key points to remember, or more, lessons learned UK WhatsApp Number List from our experience dealing with citations when it comes to effective local SEO. First, always use the U.S. Postal Service as the most authoritative reference point for your defined citation. We used to do citation work based on the front-end version of the citation displayed in Google Maps. But this would be an error. Although UK WhatsApp Number List most of the time Google Maps matched the US Postal Service’s citation version, it definitely wasn’t 100% of the time. Google Maps generates some weird stuff when it comes to things like suites, streets, and even zip codes. Therefore, we have come to rely on the USPS as the authoritative source for confirming business addresses.

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Additionally, major data aggregators use the USPS as the UK WhatsApp Number List authoritative source of business addresses. What are the main data aggregators In the US, there are 4 major Localeze Acxiom is said to be closing. I’ve heard that Foursquare will be taken over as one of the Big Four data aggregators. But the point is, use the USPS as your starting point for citations that confirm your business is properly structured. Once you’ve got a clean version of your citation, it’s time to make sure you add it to your Google My Business list UK WhatsApp Number List as an address. Even though Google may change how your business data is displayed on Google Maps and GMB, you still want to enter business data displayed through the USPS.

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Once your Google My Business listing is updated with the UK WhatsApp Number List USPS version of your business address. You can now start feeding the AI ​​engines that drive Google Local search results and Google Maps. Remember when I said at the beginning that AI requires a lot of data to understand and optimize most effectively? The data you’ll be feeding Google’s AI for local SEO is your citations. But UK WhatsApp Number List how do you feed your citation data to Google’s AI engine? You can do this through the citation distribution process. What is Citation Distribution Citation distribution is the process of publishing your business location data (citations) to places like directories, websites, and data aggregators on the web.

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