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UX and Optimization Tools While the following is a bit more Netherlands WhatsApp Number List advanced, being able to measure, analyze, and improve the user experience of your blog will put you so far ahead of the game. Very few in the blogging space know how to do this stuff well. However, the tools out today make it much easier to accomplish. 72. Google Optimize Google Optimize offers a free A/B testing and Netherlands WhatsApp Number List multivariate testing platform. You can easily set up split tests to test out new variations of your website pages and blog posts. 73. Dynamic Yield If you’re serious about optimization, Dynamic Yield is the option for you. Not only do they offer A/B testing and multivariate testing, but they also offer robust personalization features, recommendation engines, and predictive targeting.

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This is a more advanced tool , but one of the best on the Netherlands WhatsApp Number List market. HotJar is an all-in-one customer analytics tool. It’s super useful, no matter what your actual job role is (marketing, product, content, etc.). It’s an amazing tool for a blogger. You can set up polls on blog Netherlands WhatsApp Number List posts to ask visitors questions. You can send out can create heat maps You can set up form funnels You can even watch session replay videos. It’s super affordable compared to its competitors as well.

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CrazyEgg specializes in heat maps. They do scroll Netherlands WhatsApp Number List maps, click maps, hover maps – everything. It’s a really handy tool to use, especially when you’re analyzing reading behavior on blog articles and how far people make it down a page (and what links they click on). 76. Qualaroo Qualaroo is probably the most feature-rich and user-friendly survey/poll tool. You can even set up your polls to act as CTAs or email capture tools, in addition to gathering prime user insights. 77. Proof A great way to increase Netherlands WhatsApp Number List conversions – whether a conversion means a blog subscription, a purchase, a trial, or whatever – is to show people that other people are converting as well.

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