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Many people are either Albania Phone Number familiar with this name. Or they will treat it as a sub-station of youku. Once upon a time, the prosperous potato was the industry leader. Even closer than youku to the moment when the dream came true. Helplessly, after the founder of tudou, wang wei, fell into a divorce crisis. The ipo plan was Albania Phone Number also put on hold. After the ipo dream was broken, wang wei, who both emotionally and professionally frustrated. Naturally disheartened, and what even worse was that tudou’s morale also fell. Although they still maintain a deadly stance with their old enemy youku. And even continue to break out saliva and lawsuits over copyright issues. But tudou, who is gradually unable to support.

Actually Very Eager Albania Phone Number

To make war with each other. Then, a miracle Albania Phone Number happened: from december 2011 to march 2012. Youku and tudou went from fighting each other in a 100-million-dollar copyright lawsuit to eating at the same table. And they actually embraced each other. But this hasty marriage eventually brought Albania Phone Number a painful price to both parties. Youtu” did not make a profit until last year, and tudou actually ceased to exist as an independent. Company after wang wei and others quit. The love of “excellent soil” can summed up by xiaonei in one miserable word. Similar things have happened a lot in the domestic internet circle in recent years. Holding each other’s opponents together, whether they are of the same size. Or one big or small, seems to have to be at the cost of one death.

Shanda Literature, Albania Phone Number

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Which once occupied 70% of the internet in the world Albania Phone Number of literature. Turned from prosperity to decline after experiencing the exodus of the core team and the shock of executive personnel. They, who once aiming for listing, finally taken into the arms of tencent literature last year after several wastes. And it was wu wenhui, who led the team away in 2013, who stretched out his hands to them in distress. After wu wenhui broke up with Albania Phone Number shanda due to entanglement of interests, he invited by tencent literature sangu maolu to take command and fight with his old club to the death. Relying on Tencent’s heavy financial support, wu wenhui gathered former generals and frequently poached the author resources of shanda literature.

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