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Many people like a lot of cables Belgium Phone Number on the desktop. One is unsightly, the other is easy to get dirty, and the third is unsafe. Anyway, in the next few years, you can use wireless, try to use wireless, easy to clean and beautiful. Although the wireless devices that can be thought of now, such as mouse keyboards and routers, are still Belgium Phone Number plagued by a lot of data cables when charging and wearing data. Smart home smart home is one category of the internet of things. The first time i heard the word internet of things was when i was a sophomore. A philosophy brother majoring in electronics told me that at that time, i only understood the internet and computers, and did not understand the concept of the internet of things.

Until This Year, Belgium Phone Number

I was fortunate enough to come Belgium Phone Number into contact with it. Smart home. Of course, let me talk about my understanding of the internet of things first, and break down each word, item + link + network. That is, all objects Belgium Phone Number are connected to a network, which is actually the expansion of the internet. My computer, mobile phone, tablet, tv, rice cooker, air conditioner, toilet are all integrated into the network. Of course, if this concept is to be fully realized, it depends on the popularity of ipv6. When ipv6 was first proposed, didn’t it say that every sand in the world could be assigned an ip? Smart home is also a hot topic in the past two years.

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Belgium Phone Number List
Belgium Phone Number List

And wearable devices are put together again. And internet companies Belgium Phone Number with a little bit of technology will “touch” it. From the beginning, xiaomi has made mobile phones. And now it has made smart bracelets and smart security. Although wechat is a social-centric app, it also uses the public account to open Belgium Phone Number the interface of smart home; needless to say, apple, a homekit , ready to build a smart home platform; there are also google, baidu, ali, qihoo 360. The current smart home functions in china are still limited. To put it bluntly, it is only remote control through mobile devices. How about a remote control, such as through a mobile phone, with the help of a camera, remote control of lights, curtains, drying racks, etc.

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