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Marketing director of tencent guangdiantong, revealed that. Now guangdiantong does not deliberately emphasize brand advertising or performance advertising. Even so / though, future direction is to pay equal attention to both. How big is the Tongliao Phone Number List market for social advertising? Facebook’s stock price is a reference. Even so / though, innovative gameplay is still being explored. According to facebook’s Tongliao Phone Number List development ideas, advertising. In the future may become a kind of “influence economy”. If you go to a restaurant and post this on social media, your friends will. Also, go to the restaurant after seeing the message. Ultimately, when a new customer enters a restaurant, every user in the decision chain can price. Based on their influence on that behavior, which is advertising.

Ads Will Disappear Tongliao Phone Number List

Entirely, or perhaps become ubiquitous. Tens of billions Tongliao Phone Number List of red envelopes are flying into. The pockets of consumers, but in the end it is still those internet giants who are staking their profits. Starting from february 11, the “red envelope. Even so / though, represented by wechat and alipay kicked off. According to the data, from the Tongliao Phone Number List new year’s eve to the first day of the first lunar month. Major internet giants and merchants will send tens of billions of red envelopes. Through wechat, qq, alipay wallet, weibo, baidu, wumi and other software and social platforms. Since the beginning of 2014, after wechat successfully. Counterattacked alipay with the help of the nuclear weapon “red envelope.

All Social Platforms Tongliao Phone Number List

Tongliao Phone Number List

And mobile payment have realized the huge marketing. Effect behind Tongliao Phone Number List the simple action of “click a little” and “demolition”. This year, “grabbing red envelopes” has become the standard for internet companies. If a company is not called “local tyrant” by netizens after robbing red envelopes. It means Tongliao Phone Number List that it has lost the best opportunity for exposure. Even so / though, red envelope battle is a three-legged confrontation for small players to take advantage of the situation. Every new year’s eve, the juniors will get lucky money from the elders. It is said that in ancient times these money were used. To scare away the monster called “xun”. Gradually, giving red envelopes during the spring festival has developed into a custom.

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