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Her writing focuses on topics such as CBD, Argentina Phone Numbers List health, autoimmune disease, supplements, medical marijuana, and many other topics in health and wellness—both traditional and alternative. You can find her on LinkedIn or her personal website. Writable How did you get into writing and content? What is your origin story? I started writing and content creation completely by accident. My background is in science and healthcare – When I finished grad school, I realized that working in a hospital or clinic wasn’t Argentina Phone Numbers List for various jobs (actually I would apply for any job that sounded interesting).

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Although I haven’t taken a writing class since my freshman year of Argentina Phone Numbers List at mindbodygreen. If you want someone with a strong writing background, I’m not the right person for the job. But if you want someone who knows a lot about health, I’m your guy.” To my surprise, they offered me the job and assigned a senior editor to teach me the ins and outs of journalism. Image Source I think I’m a Argentina Phone Numbers List I think it’s just as important to have a professional as to really know your rhythm. Do you think it’s important for freelance writers to choose a specific niche? If so, what are the main benefits of doing this? Yes.

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I would never pretend to be the best writer in the Argentina Phone Numbers List it comes to copyediting! I’ve been able to become a professional writer because I know a lot about the topics I write about, and I’m not trusted to do research, find the right experts, or publish illegal stuff. What has been the most challenging aspect of writing extensive research content, such as your book and many health-related articles? Writing Argentina Phone Numbers List favorite, so I really have no complaints! The most challenging part is assessing the quality of the research; unfortunately, not everything on PubMed is legal.

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