How to Calculate Your Maximum Cost Per Lead Whiteboard

Developing over the last year or so that kind. Of math helps you figure out where should you put that money and when should you actually quit is just something I call your cpl max, your max cost per lead. In this short video, I’ll walk you through this really, Finland Phone Number List really simple calculation. In less than three minutes, you’ll be able to determine your cap for the maximum amount you should pay for leads. The funny thing is, we want you to never have to pay that amount, but that calculation is what the big players in every market do. Finland Phone Number List So if you’re wondering how the big players in your market are winning and getting the most leads, it uses this calculation .

You just don’t know I’m going to explain to you

You just don’t know I’m going to explain to you. Very very quickly, and I want you to take a piece of paper and follow along as you do this. Finland Phone Number I want you to do this yourself and find your maximum cost per lead. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do with this when working with your pay per click person or when doing it yourself, to really go out and dominate your market. How to calculate the maximum cost per lead the first thing we want to note here is your apd, which is your average profit per trade. Finland Phone Number List Of course, your average profit per trade will vary between markets, so make note of yours.

For this particular scenario we’ll use calculating

For this particular scenario we’ll use calculating. Your maximum cost per lead: average profit per transaction suppose your average profit per trade is $20,000. Finland Phone Number List Now what we’re going to do is how many leads does it take to get one of these offers? The acronym for this, lpd, so how many leads per transaction? How many leads does it take to get one of those $20,000 offers? Write that down. We’re just going to use a really, really round number here. We’ll use 10 here. Calculating your maximum cost per lead: lead per deal the average that we see,Finland Phone Number List  honestly, the average for pay per click is around 10 to 15.

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