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However since you’re a professional Portugal Phone Number List have an advantage over everyone else trying to cool email for business – at least, you can stand out with great email copy! 5. Apply for jobs on ProBlogger ProBlogger is an awesome job board for freelance writing gigs. Not everything is Portugal Phone Number List are tons of great companies and sites that post out there. Find freelance opportunities on mainstream job boards like Indeed As someone who has hired writers before, I find mainstream job boards like Indeed to be of lower quality. However, that doesn’t mean you, as a writer, can’t find good gigs in them.

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I’d say special job boards like ProBlogger are Portugal Phone Number List set an alert on Indeed ? Find jobs in special communities like Growth Hackers and Slack Channels If you have narrowed your niche, try to find a community that aligns with that niche. SaaS copywriting? Go to GrowthHackers or Angelism. Screenshot October 14, 2018 6:22 PM There’s also a massive WordPress community and a Portugal Phone Number List special copywriting Slack group. You just need to find them. 8. Take it out on Twitter Kaleigh Moore mentioned in her GrowthHackers AMA that she got her first client on Twitter. I’m not a big Twitter user, but there is at least one data point that it works!

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Follow work-related Twitter accounts There are many work-related Twitter Portugal Phone Number List are aimed at writers. Guest Posts on Popular Sites We’ve talked about building a large portfolio before, at least in the context of being able to demonstrate that you can write. One of the best ways to do this is to post on the top sites in your niche . It positions you as an expert, gives credibility to the blog you Portugal Phone Number List traffic. 11. Attend meetings and parties Obviously it’s a long game, but relationships often end up being the biggest rainmaker for freelancers. It’s hard to build relationships if you never interact with Portugal Phone Number List people. So try to go out and talk to people in your industry once in a while.

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