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Internet consumption has increas significantly, increasing to 70%. The percentage being represent by people who access the Internet using a mobile device at least as often as through the computer (data taken from Consumer Barometer , on trends in Romania in 2017). Also from here  we can see that Romania ranks first in the average loading speed of mobile sites: 8.1 seconds , equal to German Belgium WhatsApp Number y. However, Google’s recommend speed is 3 seconds for a better consumer experience. To test your mobile site load speed.  We recommend the free TestMySite tool provid by Google. It provides information such as.

Enabling Cache Its Role Is to Eliminate the High Loading

Time due to the database or various technical details; Image optimization. It very important that all images are optimize as it helps to reduce the upload speed. It also recommend  to resize them when necessary. Because we will not always need a large image of a large image, as it would reduce the page load time. Once resize, it advisable to allow the images to serve  according to their size in relation to the terminal that makes the request to load the page. Respectively, it is necessary to serve a resize picture on the mobile, different from the one use for a desktop access.

Clean Code Helps Increase Upload Speed

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It not recommend  that a code overload or contain multiple and unnecessary queries. Greater attention must paid to the framework used so that it optimize and there are no libraries that includ but not used. As they influence the loading speed of the site. CSS and JavaScript file optimization. An important step is to delete free spaces from the codes, follow by merging several CSS or JavaScript files into a single optimize file so that the visitor experience is not affected. Remove unnecessary data from the database. Their removal can be done manually or using various tools provid  to customers by each platform.

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