Mobile Site Optimization Makes the Transition From Mediocre to Remarkable

In 2017, International Markets Research conducted and published a study according to which. Out of the total number of 21,599,736 Romanian citizens, 11,326,186 internet users. In the segment of people aged between 25 and 34, 84% use this resource daily. Also, of the total Costa Rica WhatsApp Number number of users aged between 35 and 44. A percentage of 81% of them access the Internet every day. Using online resources. In addition, a study conducted by Google and Kantar TNS (supported by more than 625,000 interviews conducted in more than 40 countries) announced in 2016, a decrease in computer use to 79%, and 38% of smartphone users accessed the Internet of on the phone .

41.58% of the Hotel Businesses

According to gpec. RTB House conducted a study collecting data from more than 1000 campaigns. Statistics show changes in smartphone user behavior. During the summer months, the activity on mobile devices increased by 30%. This is due to the fact that tourists prefer to be informed in a timely manner about. Their holiday destinations, giving up their laptop or desktop. On the Romanian market, the rate of telephone activities increased by 36% compared. To the average during the year. Cătălin Emilian, country manager for Romania and Bulgaria. RTB House confirmed for the need to promote the specific device of the mobile device. Related to the “seasonality” and the increase of the smartphone usage rate.

Optimized for the Mobile Device

Costa Rica WhatsApp Number
Costa Rica WhatsApp Number

A second category of shortcomings faced by business websites in the hotel industry in Cluj-Napoca represented by. Also, content available in one language: Romanian. The increase in the number of foreign tourists in the city and their preference for local accommodation units should be a strong enough incentive for owners who omit the translation of content into at least two foreign languages. The refusal or lack of interest in the case of optimizing the information at this level, makes difficult the procedure of documenting the foreigners eager to benefit from the respective services. According to our research, 36.63% of the 149 accommodation units analyzed in Cluj-Napoca have the content of the site only in Romanian, and 22.77% of them do not have clear and well-made images on the site.

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