Most Critical Moment Namibia Phone Number

Most critical moment in its 15-year history. The salary increase Namibia Phone Number is mainly. Because the company has updated requirements for your position in addition to the price increase. According to the principle of 13-month annual salary, the group will pay double salary in february this year. I hope everyone has a good year. Today i want to talk to Namibia Phone Number you about whether to issue red envelopes this year. The principle of the red envelope is that the company. Achieves a special achievement, it must be a surprise! After careful consideration and discussion, the management of the group. Decided that alibaba group will not distribute red envelopes to all employees this year! The reason for not giving out red envelopes. Is that alibaba group has not achieved any special achievements or surprises this year.

The Successful Listing Namibia Phone Number

Should not be a surprise, it is the result of 15 years Namibia Phone Number of hard work by all alibaba employees. The efforts of the executive team and our luck at the right time and place. But apart from the listing, objectively speaking. We are not satisfied with the results in 2014 enough to issue red envelopes. In fact, in 2014, we could have done Namibia Phone Number better in terms of e-commerce, cloud computing or logistics. This year, alibaba’s influence. In the market and the outside world should be able to celebrate. The performance we have achieved, not to mention that today’s companies are not short of red envelopes. But we must look at our achievements objectively. And calmly, treat external comments rationally. And not let ourselves get lost in the illusory reputation.

Today’s Alibaba Is Namibia Phone Number

Namibia Phone Number

The most critical moment in its 15-year history. We are far less Namibia Phone Number powerful than the outside world thinks. We have almost all the problems that big companies have, and we have almost all the troubles that young companies have. There is a big gap between what the outside world expects of us and our actual ability. I also told you Namibia Phone Number last time that we need to adapt to a normal state that everyone does not adapt to us. Whether we are not adapting to the various views. Of the outside world today, or the outside world is not adapting to such a private enterprise with a distinctive personality. And a rapidly growing scale, we all have to adapt to these discomforts.

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