New Features Launched by Instagram

The mobile app launched new comment moderation features in early December to create a more positive means of communication. Thus, users will now have the option to close comments for certain posts. At the same time, they will be able to block or appreciate various comments. This measure Denmark WhatsApp Number supports a positive attitude in the online. Environment and, indirectly, helps to combat the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

Positivity in Comments

These new features complement those that allow you to filter comments based on specific keywords. For these, users specify those keywords that  consider malicious or may part of online attacks. And the comments they contain will be automatically hidden. Along with moderating comments, features  launched that allow certain users. To remove from a private account or anonymously reported posts that promote. Illustrate users’ self-destruction or dangerous intentions (such as suicidal intent).

Screenshot, Announced for Direct Messages

Denmark WhatsApp Number
Denmark WhatsApp Number

The social platform announced at the end of November that they will introduce a function similar to Snapchat. Through which users will be notified if another user takes a screenshot of a direct message sent by him. This measure  taken to provide some protection to users and to make them more aware of what. They doing on the internet. The feature was announced shortly after the disappearance of live messages and videos . Instagram has launched many new features lately, many designed for user safety. But in addition, the platform has launched many options that seem to copy part or all of Snapchat.

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