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The new Google Analytics promises more effective monitoring of customer behavior at every stage of their journey with the brand. It also intends to cover the spaces left by the reduction in the use of cookies. And promote the adequacy of the user data privacy standard imposed by several. Countries that use the tool Ivan Dsouza oct 30, 20 | 8 min read new google. Analytics resources the new google analytics anticipates a trend in digital. Transformation the use of predictive analytics to inform strategic decisions.


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Increasing the predictability of a demand, creating pricing policies compatible with the market, making products or services more Iceland Phone Number suitable to the consumer’s wishes or predicting threats to the security of corporate data. Those are all decisions we face every day and require reliable data to be successful. In the marketing industry, this predictability is even more critical. Anyone who follows the evolution of good Digital Marketing practices knows the relevance of data to support more precise actions .

Iceland Phone Number

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Day-to-day of companies and in the creation and dissemination of advertising pieces and advertisements. With that in mind, in this article we cover the features that will be part of the new Google Analytics and how this tool can be decisive for your business to achieve better results. Check below: What is the new Google Analytics? What are the main differences between Universal Analytics and the new Google Analytics? What are the new features of the Google Analytics 4 platform?

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