New Google Core Web Vitals Update Coming Summer 2021

Is google core web vitals and how does. It impact seo but before we dive in. I want to give you the high level in one sentence. Basically, google is making an update that favors websites that have a better experience than those that don’t, Canada Phone Number List and part of that experience is page load speeds (on mobile and desktop). Google has found that when a website loads quickly, it is a better experience for the website visitor than when a website loads slowly. Why does google care about your website’s loading speed, you may ask? Google’s money comes mainly Canada Phone Number List from the advertising it sells on google searches called google ads.

When a google user likes the experience

When a google user likes the experience. Of finding information and has a great experience on the websites Canada Phone Number List  that google brings to them (a site that loads quickly or slowly, for example). .. More people will continue to use google.Com for their web searches… increasing their ad revenue. Google announced in november 2020 that core web vitals would roll out in may 2021, but this was delayed to at least mid-june 2021 with a full rollout by august 2021. Here are the core web vitals (this next section will get a little more picture: web dev largest contentful paint lcp – Canada Phone Number List measures loading performance.

To provide a good user experience sites should

To provide a good user experience sites should. Strive for lcp to occur within the first 2.5 seconds of the page starting to load. Canada Phone Number List First entry delay (fid) – measures interactivity. To provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have an fid of less than 100 milliseconds. This involves the time it takes for the user to interact with your page, including clicking links on the main menu and navigation bar, filling out forms, and opening “Accordion text” on devices. Mobiles. These are some of the aspects that are taken into consideration Canada Phone Number List for a good user journey experience.

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