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Only when the audience has become a comprehensible person. Will the appreciation level of the whole people be improved, so as to promote. The fundamental improvement of chinese films. Post-90s worship idols and adults worship authority are two Denmark Phone Number different things the anti-tradition and anti-authority. Nature of the post-90s generation makes them have their own. Opinions and do not believe in famous guides and masters. For example, the works Denmark Phone Number of international famous directors. Such as john woo are divided into upper and lower parts to make money, and they still do not buy it. Another example is that jiang wen was too far from their expectations, and they quickly voted with their feet.

Their Choices Are Denmark Phone Number

Realistic and cruel. This also prevents those Denmark Phone Number famous directors. From being casual, let alone treating the audience as fools. In the past, chinese films were dominated by “work thinking. And the director hoped that i would make great work. And then let the audience kneel and worship; but now the post-90s generation of internet generation. Needs to have an Denmark Phone Number equal dialogue with the director. And if you’re really cool, like apple jobs, they’ll worship. But sorry, you can’t start with the attitude. That the audience is an idiot if they don’t see your work. This is the post-90s! Some people say. What if they worship idols like crazy? In fact, after 90s idol worship and adults worship authority are two different things!

Idol Worship Is Denmark Phone Number

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Because fans and idols share common Denmark Phone Number values. For example, they think luhan is handsome. But that’s not the same thing as being a great leader so i have to surrender. Idol worship is a completely free choice. It may be that when young people mature or meet more handsome and fresh idols, they will forget their Denmark Phone Number previous idols. This kind of value is diverse! Unlike the worship of authority, it is often a monolithic value, often with oppression. This is the fundamental difference between idolatry. And authority worship! Since we have always been taught that we need authority to worship. We must have a leader to guide us in everything, and we need to rely on powerful organizations.

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