Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing Whiteboard Strategy

As you plan your marketing for the coming year, you might have a few questions that come to mind. You might be wondering how the hell am I going to achieve my goals? You might even be wondering what your goals are as a real estate agent or investor? What I’m going to walk through in this video is a simple five step process, Paraguay b2b list I use it here in our business, and I suggest you use it as an investor and agent as well, to plan exactly what you need do in your marketing in the coming year to be able to achieve your goals. What’s cool about this is a lot of people will look at the goals, write down a goal number, it might be an income goal, it might be a revenue goal, and then you step back and you say, what are the things that are going to help me get there? You could write a few different projects, Paraguay b2b list and I ran my businesses like that for years.

I would have a goal and I would go to the

I would have a goal and I would go to the. Whiteboard and say, what are some of the cool. exciting, and fun things I might need. to do this year Paraguay b2b list  I would write them. down and that would be my plan. The thing I would forget to do is what I’m going. to teach you today which is to map out your. marketing channels so that you have a precise and. clear step-by-step abc plan for achieving your goals. in a fail-safe system Way. As soon as I started rolling it out in my own businesses and teaching other investors and agents how to do it as well, you start to have more clarity on your plan. What’s cool is that I did a podcast about it, what’s cool is that it becomes your strategy. The definition of a wholesale strategy is that a strategy is as Paraguay b2b list much what not to do as what to do.

Paraguay B2B List

How many bids are you losing to your competitor’s

How many bids are you losing to your competitor’s. Website take advantage of a free real estate. Investors website demo today to see how carrot. Can help you build your authority online and generate. A consistent, predictable flow of leads. Paraguay b2b list  take a free demo of carrot what. We’re going to dive into here on my ipad is that we’re. Going to show you exactly what you need to do so. You can say no to so many other things in the. Coming year work less, gain more freedom. Have a bigger impact now let’s dive into. The ipad the first thing I want you to do here is that. There are five steps.The first step is to define your goal. And if you need to pause this video while paraguay b2b list. You do your yearly planning, or if you watch this in the. Middle of the year that’s amazing.

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