Personalizing Social Media Real Estate Marketing the Five

The idea of ​​personalizing real estate marketing. To build an audience, engage your audience, and generate more leads is exciting. Paraguay Phone Number List But it also looks like a tall order. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all approaches no longer work. Although the real estate industry posts the most content on social media, it is also the industry with the lowest levels of engagement. Customization-of-the-real-estate-marketing-interactions-chartreal estate only gets an average engagement rate of 0.45% on social media. Given that real estate neatly overlaps with the main reason people go to social media — Paraguay Phone Number List to connect with friends and family about real life — it shouldn’t be. And it doesn’t have to.

To engage people your social media activity

To engage people your social media activity. Must ooze authenticity. And the answer is to personalize your real estate marketing. Paraguay Phone Number Before you check… I’m not talking about advanced algorithms or expensive marketing products. Instead, I’m talking about building your approach to social media around personality types. Paraguay Phone Number List In an experiment with 324 people, psychological science found that when a print ad for a telephone company altered its copy to directly appeal to “Five major areas of human personality traits” – (1) extroversion.

Friendliness conscientiousness emotional stability

Friendliness conscientiousness emotional stability. And (5) openness to experience — engagement for these ads skyrocketed. Paraguay Phone Number List the ads featured a photo of the phone alongside a paragraph of text that was edited to highlight the motivational concerns associated with each of the five personality dimensions. For example, advertising tailored to extroverts included the line “With xphone you’ll always be where the excitement is”,Paraguay Phone Number List  while for neurotics the same line said “Stay safe with xphone”. The same goes 100% for social media real estate marketing.

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