Poland Phone Number August Marketing Calendar Hotspots are one step ahead, marketing is one step ahead

love the country and the party, cherish memory, dedication, loyalty, blood, salute, guard
Direction:Incorporating the red gene into the brand culture reflects the corporate social responsibility. For example, take “loyalty” and “love” as the starting point to find the fit point with the enterprise.From the perspective of caring for soldiers, set exclusive holiday discounts for soldiers/military family members to convey positive social energy. Bring positive publicity to the brand. For example, in the catering industry, veterans, veterans, Poland Phone Number and family members of military personnel can enjoy a 11% discount or a free order benefit when entering the store on the festival day, paying tribute to

This group of “lovely people”.Plan interactive activities,

such as “showing off military uniforms”, “collecting stories of family members joining the army”, etc.Travel agencies can plan red-themed travel routes to promote local history, culture and humanistic ake advantage of the situation, you should be positive when doing publicity, and do not publicizious products of Haier home appliances into the appearance of guns. Guns guard the safety of the country, while Haier home appliances guard the happiness of the Poland Phone Number family.Bei Ci skillfully integrated planes, tanks, and warships into August 1st. Eight planes represent August, and the drawn straight line represents one and August 1, showing Bei Ci’s heart to pay tribute to the August 1st Army Day.The People’s Daily launched the “Change of Military Uniforms” activity on the Army Day, which not only made it interesting, but also promoted the festival to more people and increased user participation.ove, confession, lovesickness, gender, companionship, magpie bridge, Cowherd and Weaver Girl

According to the travel needs of couples, we develop romantic holiday activities

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

voting event one week before the Chinese Valentine’s Day, upload couple photos with the door of the store, and invite friends to vote. It can arouse users’ desire to share through the “free order” gimmick, and use the social circle of users to spread, so as to achieve the publicity effect of Qixi Festival.

Launch couple packages, plan online and offline Poland Phone Number  interactive games, create a festive atmosphere and attract consumption. For example, starting from the meaning of “pairing in pairs”, plan a group activity for two people.

Start a discussion with “confession” or “blind date” as the topic of the event to attract the attention of single customers other than couples.

Gift-giving, Q&A, making friends, etc. are carried out around lovers or single nobles and related themes.

Posters can make beautiful ancient visual posters with the help of legends related to Qixi Festival,

Tanabata is a festival suitable for expressing good wishes, and avoid publicizing negative energy.

Moderately play stalks, and avoid provoking the top

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