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Portal to grab more than 500 million yuan worth of Germany Phone Numbercash red envelopes. Were provided by corporate sponsors during the spring festival gala. During the whole live broadcast of the spring festival gala this time. Wechat’s “shake” will open a mysterious entrance customized for new year’s eve, and the various surprise functions. Will be closely Germany Phone Number related to the design of the spring festival gala. Alipay adopted the policy of encircling the central government. Alibaba cloud will join hands with tianmai juyuan and other partners. To jointly support the national interactive. Carnival of spring festival gala programs of cctv, hunan satellite tv. Jiangsu satellite tv and other tv stations.

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Eleven of the e-commerce platform, the platform provides Germany Phone Number channels. But the real money paid by the enterprise. Is behind the payment. Can these bosses who take money get real returns? Marketing tools in the internet age in the era when the internet channel has not yet emerged. Cctv advertising is a must Germany Phone Number for corporate marketing. Almost all the big-spending bidders have become household names, such as qinchi and aiduo vcd. However, with the continuous increase of cctv advertising. Costs and the decline of user stickiness. The cctv standard king has become a nightmare for marketers. And many high advertising costs have not brought rich returns.

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Learned by tencent technology, the bidding Germany Phone Number price for this year’s spring festival gala. Has exceeded 300 million yuan, which has been divided up by 10 companies. This means that the average cost of each company to show up during the spring festival gala is nearly 30 million, but it is difficult to get a good brand conversion. With this huge Germany Phone Number investment of 30 million. On the contrary, the precise marketing effect of wechat red envelopes is naturally. Much higher than that of the former cctv standard king. Taking the second warm-up red envelopes of wechat spring festival red. Envelopes as an example, 12 million red envelopes were sold out in just one minute.

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