Google Penalties: Reasons, How to Detect Them and Possible Solutions

Google penalties are one of the most feared actions for brands and carried out by the American company when trying to achieve a good SEO position fraudulently or inadvertently violating any of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Although at first being penalized by Google may lead you to believe that all the Inbound Marketing work done can be Australia Phone Number lost, there is actually a solution. Do you want to improve your SEO positioning and also your Inbound Marketing strategy? Click here and download our free ebookGoogle penalties reasons how to detect them and possible solutions What are Google penalties?

What Are Google Penalties?

Google penalties are the punishment impos by the American company. When it detects that a website is not One or more of the google webmaster guidelines. Google’s guidelines are publicly accessible. So even if some of them are difficult to understand or interpret. Even if they are constantly updated, it is the responsibility. Of the Australia phone number owner of the site to inform themselves, keep up to date, and respect them to avoid that dreaded penalty. Google penalties: reasons, how to detect them and possible solutions. The objective of the penalty or punishment. Is to avoid web pages that achieve a good seo position and increase. Web traffic fraudulently or illegally, which would harm those websites that are doing. A good job of inbound marketing.

For What Reasons Can Google Penalize My Website?

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In addition, it is also a way of guaranteeing the user a good experience by showing him, among the first results, those web pages that respond to his search intention with quality information. For what reasons can Google penalize my website? There Australia Phone Number are two types of Google penalties, algorithmic and manual . Algorithmic penalties refer to those that some web pages suffer for not complying with the new Google guidelines, which are constantly changing. When Google announces an update within its algorithm, those responsible for the web page must optimize it and apply the corresponding changes in order to adapt, comply with what is require and not suffer any type of penalty.

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