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It is no longer a mystery that the lack of an active account on social networks. Disadvantages you from so many points of view. It is said that if you do not have Facebook. You do not exist. But what about your business if it doesn’t have a Facebook account? In the following Cambodia WhatsApp Number we present the importance of having a business account on Facebook for your business. We will discuss its relevance, online statistics and at the end we have prepared an ideal guide to position you as an honest manager in the online environment. Differentiating you by your company and being relevant to the community.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Facebook gives us the opportunity to opt for dozens of formats when it comes to paid ads. Leaving it to the attitude and creativity of everyone to choose exactly what suits the promoted niche. Here we can choose from video ads. Still images, carousels. To posts that offer an instant consumer experience. At the same time, the cost of a PPC campaign differs from the strategy approached when setting up the campaign.

because it differs from a campaign that aims to pay per cost. Per action, per view, per conversation or lead and much more. Relating strictly to the power of influence of consumers, the biggest impact on their decision has the friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and many others. In short, we are talking about personal sources. On the second place in the top of the information sources are the marketing advertisements, with their different forms: banners, Facebook Ads, Influencer Marketing and many other varieties of them.

Business Brand Versus Personal Brand

Cambodia WhatsApp Number
Cambodia WhatsApp Number

The professional brand reflects exactly the image that the company has online, the way it is viewed, how it positions itself in relation to competitors, customers and many other aspects. Thus, it is important for each owner to have a personal brand, to come forward to represent the company and make it authentic, different from the business itself.

Creating a company business page gives you the opportunity to communicate with consumers, to keep up to date with all the news within the company, to inform them about the products and services offered and of course, to convince them to stay, to You are loyal to them. According to online statistics, over 52% of marketers believe that social media positively influences a company’s profit and about 80% of companies share original content on the social networks in which they operate.

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