Product Manager Series (9): How to Answer the Interviewer New Zealand Mobile Number

Recently, some readers have left a message in the background, and I hope the author will share how to answer the interviewer’s question “Please tell me one of your most successful projects” during the interview process?

As a veteran in the workplace, I have experienced many interviews and interviewed many classmates. This question is basically a compulsory question. Today, the author will share how he thinks about this question and how to answer it, hoping to communicate with his peers.

 Understand what the interviewer wants to know/know about you when asking this question?

I think the main points are:

See how this person’s structured expression ability?

See how this person thinks and dismantles the proposition when faced with a proposition, and does he have the ability to simplify the problem in charge?

See how this person defines a successful project? How to measure?

How about the execution and motivation of this person?

Therefore, your answer should also solve these doubts of the interviewer.

 Selection of project cases

Select the projects with the most fruitful results and the highest participation in the past projects. Here are the following points to note:

Must be your most involved/led project.

Structured presentation of project content. Since the interviewer is completely unfamiliar with your project/product, it is recommended that you elaborate on the project background, project objectives, project plan, role division, project rhythm, project results, etc. express New Zealand Mobile Number in clear words. Here’s a little trick to judge whether you’re telling you clearly, and that depends on whether the interviewer continues to question what you’ve already said after listening to it.

Data speaks. When stating the results of the project, use data to speak, such as xx indicators, how much has been improved, what are the reasons, and so on.

New Zealand Mobile Number
New Zealand Mobile Number

Remember to add that the result is the result of everyone’s joint efforts. Therefore, from the interviewer’s point of view, I hope that the results of this project are the result of everyone’s joint efforts. At the same time, it can also reflect that you are a classmate who pays attention to teamwork, rather than taking the credit for yourself and pushing the problem. Impress others.

Attached is my answer to an interview: I think the most successful project/product in the past is xxx, for three reasons:

The project meets and exceeds the expected data goals, and how much does the xxx indicator improve;

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