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Professional customer group and attract Uruguay Phone Number new customers to establish. Communication with sellers online or offline , through offline exhibitions, visits, etc. To contact real interested buyers, sample delivery and other exchanges. And enter the buyer’s preferred list of suppliers. Even so / though, the perspective of the Uruguay Phone Number seller’s customer relationship management. This is the evolution process from sales leads to sales opportunities (customer relationship management). If there are both buyers and sellers who have done transactions, this process is the part of sellers’ management of repeat purchase opportunities, credit, etc. Even so / though, value of the platform provide information matching, helps buyers to select suppliers. Qualification assessment, professional certification. Peer evaluation, other buyer evaluation, financial credit evaluation, credit guarantee, etc.

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Recommend suitable products and Uruguay Phone Number services, and recommend to sellers high-quality. Customers (credit assessment, credit guarantee, purchasing ability evaluation, etc. Even so / though,  provide the buyer with the supplier screening process and data service. Provide the seller with the customer clue and opportunity Uruguay Phone Number management process and data service. Even so / though, provide the buyer and seller with transaction services and mutual payment for goods. Feedback service. In, this link of information and trust, if there are e-commerce platforms that address. The pain points of buyers and sellers, there may be some professional b2b models. For example, alibaba recently launched a credit protection plan. Which is the first to establish a credit system similar to taobao star diamond crown. For small and medium-sized chinese sellers. Worry.

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For another example, sinopec’s great wall e-commerce Uruguay Phone Number platform. Have all been demonstrated by several major procurement centers of sinopec. In nanjing, there are more than 10 procurement experts. With decades of industry experience in the procurement center for research on valves and pumps. Product endorsement Uruguay Phone Number reduces the cost of supplier screening for buyers. Even so / though, alibaba’s procurement line breaks through the centralized procurement services currently limited. To office supplies and labor protection products, it has to cooperate with industry technology. And procurement experts to select suppliers, otherwise buyers will buy a valve and search ali 1688 will jump. Out hundreds of items information, buyer and buyer screening and screening consume a lot of time and cost.

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