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How to domain register If you already know which domain name you want to register, congratulations! If not, there are some recommendations you can follow when Short and easy to remember: the more characters, the harder it is to spell and remember. Avoid numbers or hyphens: try to make it a domain that does not lead to confusion. Make it original and that your clients can write it without errors. Use keywords: depending on the type of business you have

Include Keywords Related to Your Industry to Improve

Your visibility in search engines. Address your audience. Evaluate geographic extensions Jordan Phone Number such as the .es domain if you operate in Spain. These extensions are indicative of the country code. Of course, never forget to register more than one extension to protect your brand. Once you are clear about the domain name and its extension, it is time to register it. But what do you have to do to register your domain? At GoDaddy we process your registration

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Domain Register Steps by Steps

Which in most cases is immediate. To do this, simply follow these steps: 1. Write your domain name in the following search engine and click on “Search”. Write your domain here 2. Do you want to register your name with a different extension to protect your brand on the Internet? If so, click on “Add to cart”. Otherwise, continue through the purchase process. In addition, once you are in the purchase process you can add additional services. For example, email accounts, a hosting plan and, if you want, try our Website Builder for free . All this is optional, if you don’t want it, simply continue the purchase process. 3. Select the contracting period of the domain (normally 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years) and make the payment.

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