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Reached cooperation with five bonded Armenia Phone Number areas for cross-border import pilot cities. Including shanghai, guangzhou, zhengzhou, Hangzhou, and ningbo. To jointly explore an efficient import and export trade model based on the internet environment. However, in late december 2014. Some overseas media reported that “according to Armenia Phone Number the assessment. About 70% of the shops on tmall global have almost no transaction volume” and “many shops can only sell a small amount of products each month. And they are preparing to evacuate”. In response, alibaba announced some operating data of tmall international for the first time a week later, trying to show that the performance is growing rapidly, and there is no so-called predicament in tmall international. However, this move did not stop outside accusations.

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Out that alibaba did not release exact data to directly. Respond Armenia Phone Number to the media, and there was a suspicion of avoiding the important. In addition to tmall global, amazon china. And are also “big thunder and little rain” in the overseas shopping business. Amazon china announced in august 2014 that it will launch the Armenia Phone Number overseas purchase section at the end of december. Later, in order to take advantage of the double eleven. It launched three overseas purchase sections in one go, including the “chinese version” of amazon us and overseas product direct. Picking area, etc. However, judging from the current situation. Amazon china, which has the best overseas online shopping business advantages. Has not brought fire to the domestic overseas online shopping e-commerce industry.

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Also launched an overseas purchase Armenia Phone Number section. It is placed in a very inconspicuous corner of the homepage, and its status is evident. In early february this year, liu qiangdong led a team to france to meet. With the french political and business circles. Ubsequently announced that it would launch the french pavilion to bring. French products Armenia Phone Number to the country in the form of direct procurement. Relevant people from also pointed out that they are more cautious. About overseas shopping business companies, and what they want to do is to copy the domestic model of complete. Control over the supply chain to overseas for overseas shopping. This means that may have to adopt the same “heavy e-commerce. Model of self-built warehousing and logistics overseas as in china.

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