Real Estate Conversion Copywriting How to Sell the Click

Seo is essential for the traffic generation. Of any website. But we’ve all googled a topic, clicked on a result, been disappointed by low-quality answers, and clicked before we could say “Seo.” in other words, page 1 is awesome and result 1 is amazing. Latvia Phone Number List But only if you keep selling the “Click”. The moment your bounce rate increases and your time on page drops is the same moment you lose your positive rankings, ie your passive lead generation. Why? Real estate conversion writing course 1 which means two things: the art of old-fashioned selling is not dead. Latvia Phone Number List Both your google ranking and your conversion rate depend on the “click”.

Here’s how to sell the click instead of the

Here’s how to sell the click instead of the. Crick you know crickets? It’s what you hear when no one is listening. Gif via giphy let’s discuss how to avoid this silence. Latvia Phone Number What is an seo title? An seo title is the text title you designate for your google result. It doesn’t have to be the same as your permalink or blog post title, but it should be similar. If you’re using a carrot site, you’ll find a place for the seo title at the bottom of each piece of content: Latvia Phone Number List seo tools for real estate copywriting here is where that same seo title shows up in google.

Title tag example for real estate copywriting

Title tag example for real estate copywriting. What is a meta description a meta description. Is the descriptive copy directly below the title and url of a google result. Latvia Phone Number List On carrot sites, you can find the customizable meta description field directly below the seo title at the bottom of each content page. Seo tool for real estate websites and here’s how that same meta description appears in the actual google result. Example meta description for real estate the seo Latvia Phone Number List title and meta description are not only essential for seo, but, as we will see, essential for generating clicks.

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