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So many real estate entrepreneurs myself included. We tend to try to do it all on our own. It can be hard to compromise, especially if you’ve spent sleepless nights building your business and working on your vision. Austria Phone Number List However, we are all human and we have our own strengths and weaknesses. When you find the right real estate partnerships, they’ll complement what you’ve already done, helping you master the areas you’ve been missing. Austria Phone Number List Less volume, less time, more money in norberto and keith’s case, norberto is the one who goes out and talks to people, while keith makes more magic happen behind the scenes.

He takes care of marketing the carrot website

He takes care of marketing the carrot website. And facebook advertising for real estate, while norberto talks to as many people as possible. Austria Phone Number Keith lives in washington and norberto in texas. They have never met in person, but have managed to form a partnership that perfectly complements each other’s unique abilities. When you find the right partner, you will be able to save time, money and having to learn things the hard way. Their experiences, opinions and feedback will help you make smarter and more profitable decisions. Austria Phone Number List You will be able to accomplish more in less time while having more doors open to you both figuratively and literally.

Today instead of just flipping houses keith and

Today instead of just flipping houses keith and. Norberto invest in quads, apartment buildings, building lots and mobile home parks. Austria Phone Number List While they may have closed fewer deals in recent months than in the past, the deals they are closing are significant. Remember why you do it when keith started in this business, he was working 16 hour days. Austria Phone Number List Although it taught him a lot, he realized that was not how he wanted to spend his time. By teaming up with norberto and accepting different types of contracts, keith is now able to work part-time, spending the rest of his time with his fiancée and doing the things he loves.

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