Registration and Maintenance of Domains

March 1 of the current year mark by the change of maintenance services for .ro domains. Thus, as I mentioned in a previous article , starting from this date. They China WhatsApp Number will have to be register and renew for a limited period of time. Between 1 and 10 years. The annual cost 6 euros / year without VAT in the case of RoTLD accredited registrants and 12 euros / year without VAT in the case of direct sales through the RoTLD website . This change brings with it a number of questions regarding the maintenance and updating of .ro domains, such as.

How to Register a New .ro Domain?

If the domain s not renewed before expiration date. It enters the pending delete status for a period of 3 months . During this time, it not lost or deleted. But only accessed if it reactivat  for at least one year. An exception to this rule applies to domains registered before 1 March 2013 . As they fall within a 3- month grace period for payment of the service. Thus, they will have the status of pending delete only from June 1, 2018 , and their holders have another 3 months to pay taxes. If there is a transfer of the right of use before March 1, 2018 , the start date of the calculation will be the date of the transfer. For example, a domain registered in 2013 and transferred in 2017 will expire only in 2022.

What Is the Procedure for Transferring the Right to Use

China WhatsApp Number
China WhatsApp Number

Payment made directly to the domain provider or to the Registrar to whom the domain moved. Any transfer of the domain between the Registrar  done by obtaining a transfer key through the personal client account on the RoTLD. No matter what domain registrar owns a domain. This account permanently available. The recommended way to make the payment online. Because the services are activated and reactivated (if the expiration date exceeded) automatically. The invoice proving the payment of the fee sent by email by the supplier. Another directive aimed at aligning with European practices is to delete the domain if it is not activated within a maximum of 32 days.

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