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Reporters that the results of the last two El Salvador Phone Number physical examinations were good. And the lymphatic tumor was no longer obvious, but the doctor specially reminded that the cancer was not cured, and it was necessary to continue mild treatment. In fact, kai-fu lee had a very full schedule on february 13 and february 14. On the morning of february 13, he delivered El Salvador Phone Number a speech to employees at the innovation workshop, entertained media friends at his home in beijing in the afternoon, and chatted with the entrepreneurs who invested in them in the evening. On february 14, i went to the invested startup company to visit employees. Good health, avoid doing things too utilitarian facing the media and entrepreneurs.

The Biggest Feeling El Salvador Phone Number

Actively exercise and pay attention El Salvador Phone Number to sleep. Second, avoid being too utilitarian. In the past, kai-fu lee had zero movement, and his schedule was full. If there was a little bit of space, he would blame the secretary. After his illness, he forced himself to exercise 3-4 hours a week. Go climbing yang ming shan, go to Taipei university for a walk. The sleep time is El Salvador Phone Number also forced to be extended from 5 hours to 7.5 hours, sleep more than 10 o’clock in the evening, and get up at 6:30. “it’s actually not that difficult to keep exercising,” kai-fu lee said. He even deliberately went to chat with some young people at taipei university. These people may have nothing to do with his investment, but he enjoyed it.

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El Salvador Phone Number

Used to think about how to maximize my El Salvador Phone Number influence and help the smartest people. It’s too result-oriented.” kai-fu lee said that one of the biggest motivations for him during his illness was to avoid being too utilitarian in everything. , being sick makes people truly realize that all living beings are equal. No one’s life is infinite. When he first learned that he had cancer, kai-fu lee disappeared from the eyes of the El Salvador Phone Number employees of the innovation workshop for four days. For four days, there was no contact by phone, email, etc. On the fifth day, he talked to the employees of the innovation workshop through video. He said that he would be optimistic when facing cancer, and he was always optimistic and mild with his signature smile. “actually, it’s all fake.

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