Run an 8-step Google Ads Campaign

Did you know that 98% of Romanians use Google for the searches they do every day? But what if your business doesn’t appear in the top online results? One of the solutions we recommend is Google Ads . Whether you’re using the services of a marketing agency, a freelancer, or a freelancer, here are Bahamas WhatsApp Number some essential steps you need to take to get the results you want: 1. Purpose and objectives You need to determine from the beginning which product, category, or service you want to promote. We recommend that you focus on one of these because your campaigns will be better optimized and your results matched.

Analysis and Strategy

Once you’ve set your campaign goals and objectives, the next step is to analyze your market and your competitors. Identify where your target audience is and create your strategy based on it. It is very important to set your performance indicators so that you can measure your campaign results. 3. Necessary materials There are several types of Google Ads campaigns: search, display, video and more. Each one aims to help you achieve a goal that you must set from the beginning. Therefore, depending on the campaign you choose, you need to prepare materials such as: images (in different sizes), texts, videos or product feeds.

Create Ads

Bahamas WhatsApp Number
Bahamas WhatsApp Number

Once we have the ad groups and keywords, we move on to the most creative part, which is ad writing. Example: Summer dresses with flowers Elegant outfits New collection 2019 We have prepared a collection of over 200 models of summer dresses with flowers. In order for the ad to be as optimized as possible, the “display path” includes an expression used in the keywords, respectively a word (summer dresses). We recommend that you have at least 2 ads for each ad group.

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