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Many students always feel that the data analysis is not in-depth, what should they do? Combined with a specific example today, I will share how to do an in-depth data analysis project.

One day, you received a request: “Look at the newly added A function of our APP, how Saudi Arabia Mobile Number many people have used it 1+ times in the past 5 days (remove duplicates)”. This problem is too simple, just run the number and throw it away. “The cumulative number of users in the past 5 days is 10,000”.

But this kind of analysis is not in-depth at all, and it can’t even be called “analysis” at all. Indeed, when the requirement is a very specific fetching index + statistical time, this is the fetching number, and this is the case for the 0th level depth.

In-depth level: level 1

One day, you received another request: “Look at the newly added A function of our APP, how many people have been using it in the past 5 days”.

It sounds similar to the previous question, but note that “how many people” is not a clear indicator, it is just a general statement, broken down, there are:

  • Those who have used 1+ times in 5 days (de-duplication);
  • How many people have used it in 5 days (without deduplication);
  • How many people are using it every day for 5 days;
  • In 5 days, how many people have used it for 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 days accumulatively;
  • Within 5 days, the number of people using each frequency (1, 2, 3…10, 10+ times);
  • In-depth level: level 0

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Several indicators are put together to explain how many people this is. Some students will think that it is too troublesome to do this. I’ll assume that he is a person Saudi Arabia Mobile Number who doesn’t care about the importance. In fact, there are quite a lot of repeated counts in work, working overtime, and being chased by the business, which starts from “I haven’t confirmed the clear demand, and I default to an indicator that the business doesn’t want.” Especially when you ask the business: which caliber do you want to see. Business will say: see all. At this time, it is best to think about a few more in advance to avoid repeated rework.

This active thinking is the starting point for in-depth analysis. Because these indicators are useful for business:


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