Seo for Real Estate Investors 6 Ways to Create Content

Because they generally cannot index graphics. Search engines rely on website text to provide information about site content that they can match against search queries. Ukraine Phone Number List A well accepted benchmark to aim for is around 300 words of text on any web page you want to index. Of course, the more information you are able to give readers and search engines, the better. The text on your site will be used as part of google’s algorithm determining your site’s relevance to search queries. For example, if someone types in “How can I sell my house if it needs a lot of repairs in louisville”, Ukraine Phone Number List google will try to find a page they previously indexed that will be a good answer to that main question.

In some cases while it’s nice to have a pretty

In some cases while it’s nice to have a pretty. Site, if it doesn’t have useful content, you’re missing out on some basic seo. Ukraine Phone Number Here is an example of a beautiful website . From a design perspective, it looks great, but for seo, something simple is missing. It has little or no content above the fold. Website without seo quick note: not all websites rely heavily on their homepage for seo. Some sites need a great design to grab the prospect’s attention and boost their credibility or showcase their product/service. But if you’re generating leads, Ukraine Phone Number List you need your homepage to show up in search results.

Here is an example of a real estate

Here is an example of a real estate. Investor website that has a lot of content to index. by a search engine. You will notice the amount of Ukraine Phone Number List content in the top half of the website. This not only helps the website visitor know what is on the page, but also tells google which “main” topic the page may answer. Seo for real estate – content above the fold real estate investor website with good content above the foldso with that, let’s get to some more examples of how you can Ukraine Phone Number List create content that search engines will love.

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