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A tool like this might be useful if you don’t want to Estonia WhatsApp Number List create a wacky custom blog, but you want to be able to control some aspects of your blog’s sidebar and easily change and add content. 24. WP User Avatar Are there many guest contributors? This might be a useful WordPress tool for you. Out of the box, WordPress currently only allows you to use custom Estonia WhatsApp Number List use any photo you upload to your media library as your avatar. This means you use the same uploader and library as the post. No additional folders or image editing functions are required. 25. 404 pages Chances are, your website generates some 404s (broken links).

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Whatever their reason, it’s both a good user experience and a good sign that Google acknowledges broken pages and sets custom 404 pages. This plugin allows you to do that easily. Bonus: You can turn it into a marketing asset by pushing a link on your page or by signing up a lead. 26. Search everything Is there a lot of content? Trouble sifting through it to find anything specific? Search Everything lets you search Estonia WhatsApp Number List seem to have surprisingly specific names). This might be something to ignore as you grow up, but you might want to take a look at it when you start building a large site with lots of files, pages, and posts. screenshot 1 WordPress analytics tool WordPress offers its own analytics solution .

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But it sucks. You shouldn’t just use WordPress analytics. If you want to really Estonia WhatsApp Number List should set up one of the following tools. 27. Jetpack First, the basic setup: Jetpack . This one was created by and it’s not just an analytics tool. It is also actively installed on 5+ million sites. For design services, it provides you with: Tons of professional themes for any type of website Estonia WhatsApp Number List image and video content distribution network lazy loading images Integrate with the official WordPress mobile app For Marketing and Analytics: Site Statistics and Analysis.

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