How to Choose Keywords: Seo Tricks and 20 Tools

The success or failure of an SEO strategy is based first of all on choosing the right keywords. If you do not choose your keywords well, either because the competition is excessive or because they do not fit your objectives, your efforts to optimize SEO on-page and generate links to your website will not help. Instead, a good selection of Netherlands Phone Number keywords will help you attract more qualified traffic and increase your online sales. So let’s see how to choose the best keywords for your website. Do you want to improve your SEO positioning and also your Inbound Marketing strategy?

How to Choose Keywords Correctly

Click here and download our free ebook How to choose keywords SEO tricks and 20 tools How to choose keywords correctly How many keywords do I need? To better organize the search for keywords, we first have to set ourselves some well-defined objectives. With keywords, “the more, the better” does not help us, but we have to Netherlands Phone Number be selective since positioning each one of them is going to take us work. The easiest thing is to structure the keywords following the same hierarchy as your website or blog. Therefore, we will search for keywords at different levels: The main keyword for which you want to position your entire website in the long term. Normally this keyword will be associated with your domain name.

Keywords for Pillar Pages and Clusters

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A series of secondary keywords, which are highly relevant to your business. Normally, between 3 and 7 will suffice. These keywords are the Netherlands Phone Number ones you will use for the main sections of your website or the categories of your blog. Finally, in addition to this general keyword structure, we will have to search for between 3 and 5 more specific keywords for each of the articles on our website or the posts on our blog. The 3 most important criteria for choosing keywords The market we want to target. In general, generic keywords have a lot of competition and are also not the ones that generate the highest conversion rates. Therefore, it is better to choose more specific keywords, which are more relevant to our buyer person and easier to the position.

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