Social Selling for post-sale customer service

We recommend that you always be aware of the messages and comments you receive from your customers on your social media channels, especially those about dissatisfied users or negative post-sale messages. You have to have a plan to quickly respond to criticism, and to know how to address it for effective Social Selling. Will you send him a direct message? Will you compensate him in any way? However, you have to keep your social networks open as a channel of communication and feedback for your customers .

In addition, you will receive suggestions, comments, questions about use, among others, and you cannot waste a second of this valuable time to interact with them and help them. You have to be as convenient as possible for them, understanding this is key to an effective Social Selling strategy. If they are on social networks, it is essential to be able to USA Phone Number offer them a sales and customer service there . It is where they find it most comfortable, where they understand each other, and where they are more frequently, so from now on you have to be aware of everything that happens there. Upload stories, create links for a more direct contact to your social network inbox, in short, adjust our profile to be able to provide customer service, even after sales.

Best Practices for Social Selling

Humanize your brand When we say stay real, we mean it. For Social Selling, it is the most important, as it is about building links or relationships with customers , so make sure you keep it real and present. No bots or automated tools, as they will only cause the opposite effect of what we want to achieve in our prospects. We have to be as human as possible, even on social networks if we want to be truly relevant and contribute.
Create relevant content You can not claim that the content of your business or product sale is relevant to customers. The sales pitch is of no interest to anyone. A very good practice for Social Selling will always be to take care of the content that we share on social networks, and really understand what is relevant to our clients and create valuable content based on it.
Take care of your relationships Always be present for Social Selling. See what they publish on social networks, what news you have about them, every so often a like or a comment so that they know that you are there, that you read them and that you find the content they share on their social networks interesting.
Tip: You can even turn on notifications for some contacts or clients and not miss a thing.

Why is social selling important?

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Social Selling is important because it can be a good implementation strategy for you from now on. It is a long process of selling in social networks, since generating trust in customers and a stable and lasting relationship is not something immediate or results can be perceived quickly. But Social Selling will be worth it at the business and sales level .

You will be more relevant and increase sales and interaction on social networks for your users, and you will generate a link of real value that you can maintain and implement for improvements in all areas of your business.

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