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Some industry insiders pointed out Bahrain Phone Number prospect of overseas. Online shopping is indeed promising, and it will be a new growth point for china’s e-commerce industry in the future. The whole industry has seen this, but the supporting facilities of cross-border e-commerce. Are a big obstacle to the continued development of Bahrain Phone Number overseas online shopping. . For example, the efficiency of overseas logistics and distribution is much lower. Than that of domestic logistics companie. Which also leads to the slow delivery of overseas shopping products. In addition, although the policy level has provided many convenient conditions. For cross-border e-commerce in the past year or so, the customs clearance speed. Is still unable to adapt to the explosive.

Growth of Overseas Bahrain Phone Number

Shopping orders. A person in charge of the haitao e-commerce Bahrain Phone Number platform. Who did not want to be named said that the customs in henan and ningbo are more recognized by the industry at present. And their customs clearance efficiency is much higher than that of other places, which makes many cross-border Bahrain Phone Number e-commerce companies now. Businesses and enterprises choose to go through the customs in these two places. The overseas purchasing industry is not affected for the time being. At the juncture of major e-commerce companies making efforts in overseas shopping business. The industry believes that the “regular army” will overwhelm the booming overseas purchasing agency industry. But this does not seem to be the case.

In the Overseas Bahrain Phone Number

Bahrain Phone Number

Purchasing agency industry, many Bahrain Phone Number individuals. Are studying or working overseas, as well as some companies. Specializing in purchasing agency. Although they seem to be wandering, they have actually developed into a complete industrial chain. Some people in the industry pointed out that from Bahrain Phone Number the current situation. There is still a great market demand for overseas purchasing agents, and the “regular army” has not hit them for the time being. But for overseas purchasing agents or purchasing companies, they need to face more and more problems. Legal risks. For consumers who buy things through overseas purchasing agents, they must not take the mentality of picking up cheap goods and avoid being deceived.

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