Stress Is the Set of Reactions of the Body to the External Action

Physical and mental exhaustion: does the job-Home-job scenario sound familiar to you? You don’t the energy to do anything after work. You don’t go out with friends, on dates, not to mention going to the gym. Motivation to work and go to work are somewhat absent. It’s normal to Canada WhatsApp Number not feel like going from time to time. ut it’s not normal to feel like not being at all interested in what you were normally passionate about. Problems with concentration, memory, attention and blurred thinking. Problematic health. You often catch a cold, your head hurts, your stomach hurts. You no appetite or you have an aggressive attitude towards your colleagues if you do not eat chocolate.

How Does Burnout Manifest Itself?

You would think that burnout is only caused by an extended schedule. “deadlines yesterday” and too many tasks, but there are several unfavorable situations that can cause an increased level of stress to an employee: The classic situation: if at 8 PM you are still at the office and you think you will have to sleep there. It is clear why you are physically and mentally exhausted; You have no challenges at work, you are bored, you do not have the opportunity to advance and develop, so you feel stagnant; You don’t get the help you need, which is why you can’t keep up with the tasks you receive, and you end up feeling incapable.

Are You Prone to Burnout?

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A stressful job does not guarantee you medical leave based on the diagnosis of burnout. The line between too much stress and burnout is not clear and differs from person to person, but some personalities are more prone to: The “coolest” type – this person is ready to risk their health and relationships in exchange for a high, successful position; Anxious gender – this person perceives stressful situations more intensely than the rest and finds it difficult to adapt to so-called stressful environments; Enthusiastic type – this person loves what he works or is a junior, and it is difficult for him to leave his tasks unfinished the next day; that is why he often overtime and considers that he does not need a clear balance between the professional and the personal environment.

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