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Such a small plate is a daydream Latvia Phone Number of online finance! Why do these people think about it? Did alibaba make the largest alipay? Finance make the largest crowdfunding platform? Tencent and wechat weiwei still lagging behind. Alipay in binding bank cards? Why haier suning. These traditional companies are in a rush Latvia Phone Number to do industrial finance? Why does liu qiangdong say that. Don’t forget that jack ma fought for alipay and yahoo. Because internet finance in the narrow sense involves. Payment, and the biggest source of payment is transaction, of course. It is easiest to expand from e-commerce and o2o companies that control the supply chain. Precipitating massive amounts of real customer information.

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Upstream and downstream Latvia Phone Number supply chains. Even so / though, various this kind of data preference. It is not the transaction-oriented platform that has the most opportunity to become internet finance. It used to be e-commerce, but now it is o2o. Now, yao jinbo finally said: “58 finance is becoming our next strategic product. 58 has the most Latvia Phone Number consumption scenarios, users are renting a house, buying a second-hand car, buying a second-hand house.decorating, getting married, behind every demand there is a financial needs. I have high hopes for 58 finance. Which will also allow our millions of merchants to obtain funds at a lower cost to support their development.” this reminds me of the famous saying of archimedes. Give me a fulcrum, and i can move the whole earth.

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No one would want to do something as Latvia Phone Number troublesome and heavy as liu qiangdong and yao jinbo back then. Think of it, they made a platform-level enterprise. There is a saying: the internet is generally impetuous, and after flying in the sky for a long time, i am especially afraid of being dragged to the ground. Internet and traditional Latvia Phone Number enterprises, one is flying in the sky, the other is crawling on the ground, it is really not a one-size-fits-all approach. The air force is more important in surprise attacks, and the army is more important at every step. Only by combining the two can they conquer the world. Therefore, i agree with the phrase “competition in the same direction, and competition in the opposite direction”.

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