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It can help you capture data that Google Analytics lacks. Basically, if you’re Namibia WhatsApp Number List running a campaign, you can wrap the URL in a Bitly link so you can see data about how many people and who clicked on it, no matter where the link points. If you’re doing a lot of social media activity, I definitely recommend checking out Bitly. Promotion and social tools You can write and publish as much as you want, but if Namibia WhatsApp Number List no one reads your content, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy (and there are too many unfinished books to keep wasting time). Getting promoted is daunting, but it’s actually not that hard – at least 80/20 is easy to master. Use some of the tools below to help you understand your content.

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Buffer Buffer is without a doubt the best social media Namibia WhatsApp Number List management tool, at least from a user experience standpoint. It’s a pleasure to use. You can queue your posts to share later. You can retweet popular posts. You can analyze the effectiveness of different messaging. With Pablo, you can also create great images for social. Buffer is also super affordable. 63. HootSuite Hootsuite is a bit Namibia WhatsApp Number List more high-end , and its UI feels similar (definitely not as fun as Buffer). I guess it has a richer feature set. If you need to manage a lot of accounts and need all the bells and whistles, this might be the way to go. 64. Quuu Quuu is a management software that keeps your social media running automatically.

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First, it enables you, the social media user, to publish featured Namibia WhatsApp Number List articles from a given content stream (regardless of the topic you choose). Next, you can use Quuu promotion to put your content in a stream spread by Quuu users. A pretty nice little boost that requires little extra effort. 65. Zest is a bit of a cross between Pocket and Quuu. It’s a curated stream of content, primarily for Namibia WhatsApp Number List consumption and sharing. But you can also add links to the mix for a little boost. It’s also part community, so you can meet other bloggers and social influencers there.

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