Taiwan was released by the Supreme Court in 2019

Taiwan was released by the Supreme Court in 2019,  into marriage, becoming the first country in Asia to support same-sex marriage. Although there is still domestic opposition, other parts of Asia.

After all, the so-called rights were originally obtained by fighting for them. In the early days, , migrant workers, and even more , so that some universal values ​​can be truly implemented in all groups. middle.

Taiwan has made a good example

. Looking at Asia, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand have also made progress to varying degrees. For example, in Japan, although the mainstream, the local government and parliament are not. In the form of a “partner registration system”, the partnership is recognized Kazakhstan Phone Number  to a certain extent, so that rights such as applying for social benefits and signing consent forms for surgery are guaranteed. In Hong Kong.

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Thailand, on the other hand

has an open attitude towards .The issue of LGBTI+, and the society is generally. In countries where marriage is legalized, related bills have indeed been fought by advocacy groups and members of Congress. For example, the “Department of Rights and Liberties Protection as 2013 that “same-sex marriage is legal. ization” bill.

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