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Take a moment and go back to 2001. Now is an exciting time for Internet and online shopping. The sheer innovation of buying things online means that, if you can jump at the chance of collecting payments on your website, you’re more likely to make a Kenya Phone Number nice profit. In other words, online shoppers are happy to be useless. This is the kind of scenario that is surely a dream come true for online retailers today, at a time when it is common to call customers spoiled and fickle. But the truth is consumers have a right to be dissatisfied. After all, how much has the online censorship process really changed twenty years later?

To buy things online? The problem of Frictional Checkout The same problem that lived underground in 2001 is growing, in front and in the middle now. This issue is a pointless search, despite its many names and flavors. Excessive payloads, excessive account pages, multi-step flow, long page filling deadlines, account creation screens, and much more !If there are Kenya Phone Number too many online stores, combine these elements to create the perfect storm, which leaves buyers unhappy and sellers unhappy. This is the missing level of knowledge in defining the cart abandonment problem faced by most retailers. It might also explain why, of the 24 million e-commerce stores out there,

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A year.The primary cause of the prevalence of cart abandonment is often unknown. Leaving the price issue (because price reduction is not a long-term strategy), the basis of leaving the cart is the separation check.With every passing second that Kenya Phone Number is spent by the screening process, fewer customers buy. Note that I said seconds and not minutes. Send to paralysis through analysis or duration of analysis, but seconds are changing the world of e-commerce.So what can Woo Commerce merchants do to solve this global problem? What are they already doing? Would the rich WordPress plugin infrastructure we’ve brought up before might provide a solution?

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